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A Place of Hope   *    You are welcome here!

  • To focus on Christ, the one who brings life and is the answer to life's difficulties and has overcome the problems we face.
  • To build a family of Christ-centered Believers, change mindsets, and empower people by the Holy Spirit to lead others and impact every area of life.
  • To remain relevant in the lives of each member today, and every day.
  • Our purpose is to help others know the joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ and be a vital part of His Kingdom!

Our Purpose > To connect you with the God who loves you,   and desires for you to have a very blessed life, and to love one another as Jesus did.



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Our name is  LifeChurch >
It is our intention that LIFEChurch is more than a handle or moniker, but will be a label that indicates an actual place to receive, replenish, and enhance LIFE itself. We know that Jesus Christ is the Giver of Life, and that He actively seeks to give His people a 'Rich and satisfying life.' Life is meant to be embraced with joy and optimism. This can only be achieved long-term through a lasting relationship with our Creator.

LifeChurch is a new Church Plant in the Brightwood area of the Mt Hood Highway. We meet on Sundays at 11 AM for a Worship Service. We also have a casual LifeConnect Bible Study Group on Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM. Please call or email to inquire about our Youth Services and Special Events.  All our services are casual and you are invited to come as you are.      

We meet at 61300 Mt Hood Highway Wednesday in Brightwood. Take the entrance next to Hoodland Firehouse and follow the road to the parking lot.  Email us at for more information.